12 January 2013

baby sweater

I'm working on finishing up some projects this weekend. I've sequestered myself in the upstairs gable bedroom with a pot of tea, all my craft supplies, spinning wheel and my sewing machine. It's been about four years since I unpacked my sewing machine so we really need to get "reacquainted." I can't remember how to load the bobbin with thread and wind the thread through the machine to get it to run properly. I do have the manual, so that's good.

I just realized that I no longer have cutting mat and that my rotary cutter is as dull (three years of use in an architecture studio) so I'll have to invest in some new supplies in order to finish some of these things off. I'm working on a few presents for the toddlers in my life. Two little girls who need something frilly and soft to tuck into bed with them at night. That's where the embroidery is coming in. I'm having so much fun sewing. It reminds me of my 4H project days.

A long lazy winter afternoon stretches in front of me. I'll need to think of something to make for dinner later on, but for now I'll just keep playing in my studio. I have my friendly Kalanchoe plants (that are almost about to bud again) to keep me company.

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