03 February 2013


I took a weekend class at the Minnesota Weaver's Guild on rigid heddle weaving and I'm ready to announce that I'm in love with weaving - especially with handspun yarn. And that's a very good thing, because handspun seems to pile up around my house.

My first handspun weaving project and I'm using a yarn combo of multi-color variegated yarn for the weaving yarn and a more subtle monotone colorway for the warping yarn. (For those of you who are better versed in weaving you'll have to bear with me as I describe this, because I'm still sorting through my understanding of warps and wefts.)

Roses are lovely in the winter. I got these as a birthday present from my sister. She had them delivered to my office and I got to enjoy them through the end of the week, then I brought them home. They're starting to fade a bit now, but they make a nice addition to my workspace.

It makes me feel very spoiled indeed to see my houseplants blooming inside while the snow gathers on the rooftops outside.

It was dark outside when I snapped this photo on Friday night, but the glow of the streetlamps and the low looming clouds and falling snow made the sky glow.

Upcoming Events We're looking forward to shearing the sheep at Crosby Hill Farm in a few weeks. I'm excited to see the array of natural-colored fleeces that will come off of our covered sheep. I'll be sure to share the process here and our fleeces will be on sale in our shop - just as soon as my mother can get them skirted.

Happy February everyone.


  1. The weaving is beautiful, the handspun and painted yarn from our sheep make it extra special. Wonder who the lucky one will be to receive it!!!

    1. You won't have to wait long to find out . . .


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