06 January 2013

around 60 meatballs

I made a little dish called Wedding Soup today. This was a recipe kit that we received as a gift at our wedding. The gift tag had fallen off of it though, so I never did get to thank the giver of the gift properly. They just received a "thank you for the gift" card after our wedding. It sure made a good meal, mysterious gifter. You obviously have a sense of humor.

I don't know anything about the history of Wedding Soup, but its the kind of name for a dish that just begs a story to be made up about it. I told myself that this is a good luck soup today when I was making it. I made myself believe that for as many meatballs as I made for the broth that's how many years I'd be blessed with my marriage. I made a lot of meatballs, that's for sure!

I dug out all of my embroidery floss and organized it today because I'm using it for some projects. I thought I only had a few colors, but I kept finding hidden stashes amidst my craft supplies. I really have a thing for all shades of the color magenta.  The apron above was a gift from my mom, she made it from one of her old skirts and I like to wear it around the house even if I'm not doing anything in the kitchen.

My husband caught me around the waist one day a few months ago when I was wearing it and he said "You'd be perfectly happy as a 1950's housewife, wouldn't you?" And, well, give or take a few important changes that have happened for women over the last sixty years I had to respond with: "I can't believe you're just noticing this now, honey."

Have a good week everyone. (Just wear your pretty aprons . . . even if you're not cooking!)

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