10 April 2009


Not on yarn alone, my friends, does one survive. Although some days it seems that it's my knitting that's keeping me going more than anything else. Above is a shot of some broccoli seedlings I started in early March. 

Here in northern Minnesota we can't get out into our gardens until mid April. Even then you're pushing your luck, but that doesn't mean I won't try. I have all my seed packets sorted. I'm itching to put in a spring crop of spinach and lettuce. 

Above is a plate of assorted yarn. The central hank is my own hand spun, to the left is all that remains of a hank of Cascade Chunky Tweed. 

It being Friday afternoon, my brother and I are in cahoots over dinner. He insisted that we make French onion soup. I was fine with that, but the recipe calls for thyme sprigs, a herb we don't keep stocked in our cupboard. We have a sturdy clump of it outside in an herb bed, but it would be dormant now after the long winter, wouldn't it? 

I was really craving French onion soup, because I went out to dig. 

It didn't take me long to find some green shoots, and we woke to a hard frost this morning. Looks like big bowls of French onion soup with artisan bread and bubbly, golden homemade cheese all around folks.

Enjoy your weekend. (Check out your herb beds.)

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