05 April 2009

The guy in the fedora

I don't know if any of you have to worry about your brother losing his fake fingernail in the mozzarella cheese that he's making, like I did this afternoon. 

I'm just blessed to be surrounded by fascinating people I guess.

The fake fingernails: for his undergrad he studied classical guitar. Some of you might have seen an earlier blog that I posted about my sister's bridesmaid dresses, which brings me back to my brother, his name is Jacob, by the way, he's playing guitar in the wedding. Thus the four fake fingernails on his right hand. (Easier to pick strings with, or so I've heard.)

He's left his better half (Hi Traci) in Cincinnati for the summer. He's home to help my parents with a renovation project and hopefully to intern for an architectural firm in the Twin Cities. He too is studying Architecture. 

I took some pictures of his hat a few days ago. I'm going to be starting some new projects and I wanted to share the yarn with you. I'll divulge more in an upcoming post. (Just so you know, I added the feather. Creative license.)

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