14 April 2009

The Industrial Arts

Jitterbug Sock Yarn in Wasabi Squeeze 
ceramic dish by my cousin, Ashley, circa 2008

Today I subbed industrial arts and I had to tell a kid (several times) to get off stilts. The crazy thing is: I didn't even pause at the time to think about how abnormal my day job is. Less than five minutes later I had a different student tell me that I look like one of the actors from That Seventies Show and I didn't know whether to be flattered or insulted. Maybe I should rethink my hairstyle . . . it has been a while.
Misty Alpaca lace weight
tiny pots by my brother, Jacob, circa 2002

Another time, a few months ago, I had a student ask me if I liked canned oysters. A five year veteran of the subbing trade (a benchmark that makes me highly suspicious) I refused to give him a straight answer and instead asked him why he needed to know. "Because," he said as he patted his front shirt pocket. "I've brought a can of oysters for lunch." Eighth graders are bizarre. But I've been there. One of the reasons I like working with kids is because I'm reminded what it's like to be a kid. 
Opal hand painted sock yarn
vessel by my mother, Julie, circa 1976

I was watching the Jane Austen Book Club (based on the novel by Karen Joy Fowler) last night and, Prudy, one of the characters asserted that high school is never over. I completely agree with her. I will miss subbing when I start graduate school, it's kept me in touch with what's going on with the world. Having been a teacher I am now, more than ever, grateful to be a student again. 

The photos above are a teaser to some upcoming projects. I paired the yarns with some ceramics from my family's collection. I have a weakness for ceramic pieces, it's almost as bad as my weakness for natural fibers. 

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