08 April 2009

Away in a...plastic barrel

We've had our share of excitement here on the farm this spring, but this event crowns our birthing season. All of our mothers have delivered and my mother can finally get some sleep at night. 

The most recent addition to our barn is a trio of kids (baby goats) born to our angora goat, Bailey. Two boys and a little girl. The boys are fawn and white in color and the girl is a velvet black. Their squeaks add a different tone to the lamb's cries that already reverberate through the barn. 

This photo shows the snug little bed my father built for them. Despite their silky coats, baby goats tend to get chilled easily. The golden light comes from a heat lamp fixed to the top of the plastic barrel. I like the way the light glows through the sides of the plastic and down on the animals. It looks hi-tech, but it is the exact opposite.

If I were a kid myself I think I'd want to curl up next to them. 


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