20 April 2009


Creative collapse, chaos, calamity Jane, remember to press down on the clutch as we careen into high gear here at tendril and twine and try out new things. 'New things' is a pretty tame way of putting it. Hours spent sweating over the keyboard perplexed and confused, trying to nail something down that pleases you amidst the ever changing realm of cyberspace. And I can claim I grew up around computers!

After several hours in front of the computer this weekend, I had to step back and remind myself what inspired me to hurtle myself online in the first place: my love of knitting and fiber. Thank goodness knitting and spinning seem to be as hi-tech as they will ever get. 

Above is a felted (technically fulled) clutch I made some months ago with odds and ends of worsted weight yarn. The pattern comes from Melanie Falick's Weekend Knitting. Knitting it was a breeze, the hardest part was finding the right zipper and sewing it in. 

I actually tried to sew my zipper in place on my sewing machine. (The sewing machine still works, but I did sew over my finger.) In the end I sewed the zipper on by hand. 

After the finger mended, of course. 


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