13 April 2009


Like peanut butter and jelly and Batman and Robin, some things just go well together. They compliment each other. One, combined with the other, brings out the best aspects of both mediums. . .or personalities.

In this instance, I'm talking about the combination of mohair from our angora goats and fiber from our CVM romeldale sheep. Above is a bowl of washed mohair locks. Sometimes our goats look pretty scary. It's hard to believe that some hot water and a dash of soap can have such results on mohair fiber, but it works. 

Here's a basket of blended romeldale and mohair fiber. I worked them together on my mother's drum carder a few weeks ago. The resulting combination is soft and pliant. The mohair adds a silky texture and a gloss to the finished product. I'm going to spin something special out of this. 

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