04 April 2009

Milk & Wine


I wore my new cardigan yesterday over a crisp white blouse. I was subbing again, this time American Studies. I'm really going to miss being a substitute teacher when I go back to graduate school in the fall. There's so much variety in being a sub. (More work when you're the student.) I will be getting my masters in Architecture and Sustainable Design, two subjects I am very passionate about. I just hope I can keep up with my knitting, spinning and events on our farm. 

Speaking of animal husbandry, I have to run. One of our lambs, Stella, has fallen behind the rest in feeding and needs to be bottle fed. It's my turn to sit in the straw and whisper to her as she devours her breakfast. We all fight over the rights to that job out here. 

Happy weekend everyone.

CVM romeldale lambs

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