03 December 2013

window quilts

Well, you all saw the squares that I had cut out for this quilt about a month ago, but then the sewing machine broke and I started knitting my November socks, and the quilt was forgotten for a while. Forgotten, but not abandoned. The dear baby for whom this little quilt is intended has arrived, so I've got to see to those loose ends, wobbly corners and stray seams posthaste.

I never really learned how to operate my sewing machine. My strategy is to connect my foot with the pedal and weeeee! away we go. Also, a lot of superstitious ironing of your pieces once the seams are sewn goes a long way towards making you feel you tried your very best.

The quilt block on the bulletin board is one my sister made. It inspired me to do something a little different with the blocks I had originally cut out. I cut them diagonally and sewed them together like the center of her block. I'm sure this pattern has a name, but I guess I'll just call it Rose's quilt, since that's who it's intended for.

The snow is set to fall around here tonight - two to four inches by tomorrow morning. Enough to make the morning drive to work hectic. I'll just snuggle in tonight with my wool socks and a cup of tea and wait to see if the rooftops are white when we wake up.



  1. I always think that quilts hung in front of windows look like stained glass - so pretty. Sounds cold with snow expected. Keep warm and happy sewing.

  2. Sewing and crafting - two good things to do on a cold wintry night. Makes me want to run down and bake some muffins, but I only have time to do one of those things today, so the already late Advent calendar sewing it is!


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