29 November 2013

turkey day

I'm very thankful this holiday weekend for family, hearth and home (for some reason those two words just sound so good together) and - handknits. We walked in the door at my parent's house on Thanksgiving and there was my little niece sitting in her daddy's arms on the kitchen island, clapping her hands and sporting one of my handknit sweaters. (She is now my new favorite.)

It's a rare occurrence that I get to see a baby in one of the sweaters I make for them. (Here is the link to the pattern.) I usually send then off and sometimes receive a picture of the precious little one in some soft warm wool. It's not that the sweater is the important thing. Yesterday was about all the "ideas" I knit into the little sweaters I make: sweet babies with pink cheeks and smiles, family gathered together on the farm, savory food roasting in spices making the house smell fantastic. That's why I (we) knit these things, right? There is something precious about a handmade life - or there's something very special about being able to put the things that are precious to us into something we made by hand.

And if they stay in it for more than thirty seconds, I call that a success. Little Brooke wore this sweater for most of the morning and I got to admire again the color transitions that fascinated me while I was knitting it and the clever decreases that make the sleeves and shape the shoulders - perfect diagonal slants.

I am inspired to knit another baby sweater!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving. Isn't she a little cutie - there is something about seeing a child in handknits rather than the mass produced clothes normally available. My children wore a lot made by their grandmothers not me unfortunately. I love the colurs in the skein shown too - I think those are the tonings I want to use in my medallion quilt - one day ....

  2. It was a beautiful Thanksgiving Day with family! Little Brooke is just one of our many blessings...

  3. Beautiful sweater, love the colors - they are so warm. My little babe wore her new handknitted tunic yesterday with family and received so many nice compliments (it was made by another blogger mom). Unfortunately, she only got to wear it for about 2 hours before she promptly threw-up over it! There is just something better about seeing her wearing a quality, handmade item, in a beautiful multi-colored yarn, than a store bought mass produced item.


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