14 December 2013


Dearest little ones and twinkle lights - we thought we hit the jackpot as far as a successful Christmas photo for my nieces went, but one of our models had different ideas about whether or not she wanted her picture taken exactly.  She viewed the twinkle lights and all of her clapping aunties and grandmas with a bit of suspicion. She knew we were totally trying to set her up (for the cutest Christmas photo of all time - in our opinion) but little Hannah was having none of it.

She stuck her feet straight out and would barely glance at the camera.

Serves us right for trying to set her up, I guess. I wish I could look as cute if I sat on the floor draped with twinkle lights, but I don't think I could create the same effect at my age. Oh, well, I love the photos, even if I couldn't catch the two of them smiling in the same direction at once.

Finished the little baby quilt I've been working on. It will be delivered tonight to a messenger who will carry it in her suitcase over the sea to the far away isle of Ireland, where it will keep one precious baby cozy and warm. Wish I could tag along in the suitcase too.

Yarn above for another set of mittens in progress. This pair is going to be a bit flashier, with the lengths of scarlet and bright blue in the yarn.

We're planning on going to a bonfire tonight - hope they have enough firewood!


  1. The pictures are precious and your description of the baby quilts travels to Ireland is fitting for the season. 13 below again this morning as I head out to feed the lambs. Stay warm!!!

  2. Such a cute quilt - love the pink flower trim. What a wonderful gift to receive as a baby gift, especially at Christmas. Well, at least you got one of two kids to smile. We've done holiday pictures in the past with 6 dogs on one sofa - that is tough!


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