29 December 2013

up hills and down

Merry Christmas! We had some sledding fun on Christmas Day. It's been years since I've been on a snow tube, but it turns out I haven't lost the knack. (All you need is gravity, right?) I must say, with my family our time out on the sledding hill was like a fashion runway for handknit hats, scarves and mittens. We had lots of woolly style going on!

Another pair of mittens flew off the needles, I'm really happy with the flashes of bright red at the top of each one. I got the recipe for the chocolate white chocolate chip cookies off the white chocolate chip package. It's a fun twist on the original recipe - we eat a lot of plain chocolate chip cookies at our house.

I'm flipping through my pattern books and scrolling through my favorites on ravelry looking for a new knitting project to start. Hopefully I'll have something on the needles before the end of the day.

I aim to start the new year in a tangle of yarn and stay there for the duration.


  1. Snow tubing looks fun if somewhat cold. Those mittens certainly look cosy. Have a fabulous New Year.

  2. The mittens are spectacular and an absolute necessity for today! I am glad you didn't decide to keep them for yourself. I love them. Thank you.


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