18 December 2013

god jul

This weekend we went to the Santa Lucia Festival at our church. The event ran all morning long and was filled with traditional Swedish Christmas carols and food. We ate a lot of Christmas bread, cheese and fruit soup. One of my favorite parts is all of the authentic clothing that many of the participants were wearing - the finely embroidered tops, knit stockings and gnome-like hats - not to mention all of the red and white decorations and ornaments.

I found a lot of inspiration there. I fell in love with the red leather clogs some of the women were wearing. They were painted with flowers and had wooden soles. I want some to wear with my hand-knit socks - my red and white hand-knit socks. Garrett picked out the wooden candle holder in the opening image. It's hand-painted from Sweden. Neither one of us has Scandinavian roots, but I sure admire all of the artifacts from their culture. You gotta love a people that put so much emphasis on their handknits.

Work continues on my second set of mittens. (More on the pattern here - I finished my first set a few weeks ago.)  I need to finish them fast, because my current pair of mittens is showing some wear and tear.

Special thanks to my friend, Kari, for letting me hang out around her roaring fire a few weeks ago. I'll be back with my ice cream bucket for more homemade cookies. 

Trevlig Helg or Happy Holidays,



  1. Looks like a fun event to go to. Merry Christmas to you and your family - all the best for 2014.

  2. What an interesting event. Sounds like a great menu. Was the fruit soup warm or cold?

    1. It was warm . . . I didn't know if I liked it at first, but now I'm kinda craving it.

  3. I love that you captured the little details - candles and colors. It's beautiful.

  4. Oh how I miss sitting around the fireplace listening to my parents old Glen Campbell Christmas album. It makes me smile just thinking about my teenage years and my 2 pair of wooden clogs, I wish I had them now to wear with all the beautiful hand knit socks you've made me.


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