22 December 2013


We gathered this weekend at my sister and her husband's house to celebrate my mom's birthday. We don't get up to my sister's house very often, we usually meet out at my parent's farm which is more centrally located for all parties involved, but it was fun to drive the distance this weekend and make a dinner where our niece's hang their hats.

We got to meet the new kitty in their lives - Charlie - who they all thought was a boy kitty until my sister brought her to the vet for a check-up.

I ask you, how can a farm girl make that kind of mistake? We're gonna have to blame it on the fact that she has her hands full with two little girls at the moment. Three little girls, counting the cat. (And she'll definitely pounce on you, if you don't include her in the count. I can tell you that much.)

I made some deviled eggs. I love snapping pictures of deviled eggs for some reason, they look so pretty arranged on a plate with fresh dill sprinkled over them - even my niece was gobbling them up. When I was her age I wouldn't have touched something like this. I must like them because I made them.

My grandma Lois made the dresses for Hannah's doll. I like all of the finishing touches she added to them - the buttons, lace, gathers and snaps. She made dresses for my baby dolls when I was a girl too, so it was a bit like deja-vu yesterday afternoon when Hannah was opening her presents.

Hope you all are enjoying the holidays with loved ones.



  1. I would eat every single one of those beautiful deviled eggs! They are my favorite!! I love that your grandmother made those dresses- they're beautiful!

  2. I have to admit that I am not a deviled eggs girl - have never had one and don't have any desire to. However, I would let the cat sit on my lap. And these mix-ups do happen - I have a male rabbit named Maizie who I still refer to as "her" sometimes. And I was told she/he was a female by an Amish boy from a farming family - if anyone should know the difference, it should be them!

  3. Yum - I have not had Devilled eggs for years. They were always my mum's go to recipe when she had to take a plate to something. We had a similar cat story, where our Sam turned out to be Samantha. Love tat sewing machine and vintage ornament photo. Have a very safe and Merry Christmas and New Year

  4. Love the deviled eggs - what's your recipe? I haven't made them in forever! I also see my card in the background - I love it!


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