03 November 2013

up home with family

Up home last weekend for a long walk, good food and family. The day was gorgeous. Most of the leaves are off the trees in northern Minnesota, but now that their flashiness is gone other beautiful things have come to the forefront. The ditches lining the gravel roads around my parents' farm were filled with red berries.

I finished a baby cap to match the mittens I was working on last month and was able to snap a quick shot of one baby wearing it. Speaking of little ones, the same little one who posed for a second in my hand-knit cap is getting ready to crawl. Soon we won't be able to count on the fact that she stays were we put her on the quilt in the middle of the floor. (Hopefully her mommy, daddy and sissy will be able to keep up!)

After a spring and summer of doctors appointments and disappointed hopes, Garrett and I have decided to turn to adoption as a way to start our family. I can't describe how emotionally painful and disappointing this struggle has been for me (for us) but on the flipside, I can barely contain the hope we feel at this point, as well.

This hope is greater than the disappointments we've been through, and it's been a blessing to experience it. 

We're currently chin deep in paperwork for our home study and we've already hired a facilitator to coordinate our adoption. This time next year - or sooner - I could be snapping pictures of our own son or daughter trying to yank off a hand-knit cap that I made.

Yah, we're looking forward to that. 


  1. What yarn did you use for the baby cap? I love how it looks? What kind berries were they? I saw them walking around the cities this afternoon.

    1. The colorful yarn I got from a yarn shop about 7 years ago . . . I can't remember the name of it, but the dark brown yarn comes from my mom's sheep. You can get that in our etsy shop. The berries are called winterberries or Northern Holly, I love to bring them inside for winter arrangements - most times all the berries fall off though, so I've gotten used to enjoying them in the woods. Thanks!

  2. Those autumn trees and berries are beautiful. There is something so nice about going back home for a weekend, catching up with family and sharing memories. Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly with the adoption process for you..

  3. Lovely photos as always. Good luck for your adoption journey - I hope everything works out for you.

  4. Thanks, everyone! For your kind wishes and encouragement!


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