11 November 2013

carrots & thyme

Knitting and working and working and knitting. The weekend flew by - and we're on on the right side of Monday, so I can't complain. We harvested the last of the carrots from the garden on Sunday as well as dug up the canna lily bulbs and the dahlias and stored them in the basement under the stairs.

Roast carrot soup and more of that kale salad I've been craving lately. I roasted the carrots with some potatoes and a few sprigs of thyme from the garden. Lots of fun to use the stuff we've grown. The socks that I'm currently working on have been addicting to knit. I like the contrasting green stripes. The yarn I'm using is from the "Killer Tomatoes" top that my sister dyed last summer and I spun last fall. The perfect colors for November - reminds me of a crackling fire . . . and a pack of killer tomatoes.

 . . . both images make me smile. Have a lovely second week of November everyone.

1 comment:

  1. I would wear a top in that coloured wool - stunning. Love that black cat - I have a little fluffy 17 year old tabby. I am lucky enough that I can leave my cannas in the ground all year long - some do rot - but I guess it is a natural culling. Your home always looks so cosy.


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