09 November 2013

the weekend : putting the pieces together

Hello weekend - I'm so glad you've finally arrived. I've been trying to catch up all week with things around the house, unfinished projects and all of the many pieces of information that need to come together about Garrett and my life together in order to compete our adoption home study that it feels like I've been tripping over the many pieces of unfinished business for days and days. My type A personality does not like loose threads, unwoven stitches or missing puzzle pieces - I like things to come together smoothly as planned - according to the pattern's instructions or like the picture on the puzzle box.

I think what I can say about our life right now is we're waiting to see what the picture looks like on the puzzle box of our life. We've got so many of the pieces and we're struggling to put them together - just like we've been taught - but there are so many random, brightly colored pieces strewn about that I have no idea where they should go.

All I can say is that day by day and week by week this puzzle is slowly starting to come together and a picture is starting to emerge.

I guess I'm lucky that I've had all of my creative/crafty training - I know what to do when something doesn't come out just right. There are several options:

1. Unravel and start over the best you can.
2. Reread the instructions/recipe/pattern and find out where you made your first mistake and fix it.
3. Keep trucking and live with the mistakes you've made up to this point - the piece is coming together nicely - despite of all the things you didn't know when you started out.

I think I'll go with number three. Perfection for all it's ease of construction lacks the character and curiosity of all things hard won and dreamed of - and if we're very lucky we all get our definition of perfect in the end - if we have the eyes to see it.

So, in summary, I'm trucking through the weekend. Taking creative breaks between all of the blank forms for some knitting and sewing. My sewing machine broke down last weekend, but my cousin's husband was ever so clever and fixed it with the help of my grandma, Lois. I love that picture: I'm calling it "Tough Guy with a Beard Fixes Sewing Machine with Help of Grandma." I'm sure he's super thrilled with the picture too.

I'm ever so grateful.

The puzzle above was a gift. It's a scene from Pride and Prejudice with all the best quotes from the book. I intend to put it together (while watching the movie) total Jane Austen overload!

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  1. I love your creative space in photo 3. Gotta love seeing a man and a sewing machine - glad it is fixed. Your fabric choices are lovely too. Are you a BBC Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice girl - I had a marathon session watching that one night (didn't realise it was so long), or the shorter movie length.

    PS: Did you know that you are a no-reply blogger?


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