06 February 2013

winter days + warm fiber

Midweek finds me looking at my fiber stash and all of my projects with at sigh because I really don't have the energy tonight to knit more than a few rows or pick up a hank of yarn and smell it. (It smells so good!)

My weaving project is coming along nicely. I finished it and took it off the loom the other night and then blocked it in cold water with a drop of mild soap and hung it up to dry. I don't know if you're supposed to do this with a finished woven object, but Chewy slept on it the night before that when I had it draped artistically over the sofa, so something had to be done with the wrinkles from her furry self.

I've been looking at seeds and imaging my summer garden. One of my co-workers had a seed catalog on her desk at work and, well, as soon as I saw that I was a goner. Time to start dreaming about tomato plants and blossoming chives. Soon Garrett and I will be crowded off the kitchen table because that's the perfect (and only place) where I can start my seeds.

Hope you have some fiber (or seed catalogs) to keep you busy.


  1. Beautiful photos! The interior shots look very warm and cosy - and your yarn is gorgeous. What is your woven object (or is it a surprise)?

    1. Thank you, Adrianne. I think my woven object is going to have to be a table runner, because the weave got a bit tight in the end. Your blog is lovely, by the way.


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