21 February 2013

barn notes : shearing day

6:39 a.m.

6:46 a.m.

7:04 a.m.

It was quite a busy day last Sunday at Crosby Hill Farm. We all gathered in the barn mid-morning to round up the sheep and take off their coats.

Strange enough, we had two very persistent onlookers the entire time: one of our roosters and our barn cat Meow. Meow sat on the same fence post all morning and stretched and twisted her body to catch every detail with her bight green eyes. The rooster tripped up everyone, including the sheep, and managed to somehow get in almost all of the photos. He also congratulated all of the sheep once they had gone through the shearing process.

The wool is the main story here - and it's gorgeous. It came off the sheep like butter. Mark, our shearer, was so good at his job that the wool came off in smooth, soft complete fleeces. The dirtiest parts were cleared away on the shearing floor and then the fleeces were packed into clean bags. Now my mother will skirt them and we will post them in our shop as soon as we can.

It was a good day out in the barn.

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