13 February 2013

fiber love story

A fiber love story. . .

                                Ahem. Once upon a time there were two bobbins of handspun yarn sitting in the sunshine.  The first bobbin looked at the other bobbin and felt something stirring (or should we say spinning) in its tiny, little heart.

Every hand-spinner knows what happened next - it's what happens every time we see two colorways of fiber that just have to be combined - that have to be plied together and bound for life and then knit into a beautiful garment or keepsake.

You could call it a whirl-wind romance, I suppose. The fibers which were spun counter-clockwise onto the first bobbins are then plied together clockwise onto a third. Two are combined into one. It is a bit like a marriage ceremony.

You may now kiss the yarn. (I frequently do.)

The End


  1. What a clever way to describe your love of spinning and fiber. Thanks for sharing your passion with the rest of us. Happy Valentine's Day !

    1. Thanks! I couldn't do it without Crosby Hill Farm and the sheep. I'm so excited to head home and shear the sheep this weekend. Happy Valentine's Day to you too.

  2. It's absolutely beautiful! Are you going to keep it? To kiss and keep forever?

    1. Sigh . . . I've already given most of this yarn away. Part of it was in the woven table runner that I gave Jenny for our birthday and the other part is in my current weaving project - but I'm not too sad because I have more fiber in the basket ready to spin. Thank you, Jewels.


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