11 February 2013

mash two bananas

Weekend baking: Banana Pancakes. For some reason my husband is always getting worried about the amount of bananas I have piling up in the freezer. Their quantity reaches a certain level and he starts telling me that I shouldn't buy any more bananas until I deal with the ones I have. (As if I could ever do that on a physical or a psychological level.) But I do try baking with them sometimes. This recipe is lovely. I found it here.

What's become of the hollyhocks . . .

Outside, inside. Testing out my new socks this weekend. (I wore them both days.)

Set up the loom again. This time I'm using multiple yarns in the warp. The gray is yarn from our farm, and you've all seen the multi-colored double ply before. I used it my previous project, but as I hope you can see I'm getting entirely different results now. This is what I was hoping weaving would provide for me. A way to experiment with fiber and color. I intend to weave with a darker gray yarn and anticipate that I'm going to get some nice stripes - but we'll have to see how it goes.

Watercolor color study.

These aren't new books, but they're good books. They'll be keeping me company through these snowy February days.


  1. Jillian these photos are so beautiful. There is something so peaceful about them.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment. Sometimes it feels like I'm scrambling to put a blog post together (and I'm not at peace at all.) But peace is a way of being that I strive for, so if there's something in the photos that is peaceful there must be the potential for that in my life. I must add that I read your comment this morning while I was a work and it made my day. Thank you.

  2. One of the things I love about your blog is that it usually has something new and something old in it. A new yarn project and those old Sorel boots. Winter fun memories playing on the huge snow piles Dad made after a snowstorm. I'm guessing those boots are at least 20 years old. Your little brothers originally, probably a size 7 - he outgrew them in grade school, and now sports a size 13. It seems that hand-me-downs can go the other way as well.

    1. Many times it isn't until after I post a blog that I start to see the pattern I've laid out with my pictures and words. As soon as I posted those old Sorel boots I started thinking about their history too . . . how long I've had them. Thanks for the lovely comment!


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