27 December 2012

teapots and poppies

Playing around here tonight at tendril & twine. Garrett's out playing with snowmobiles (trying to get one running) so I'm in the kitchen chopping up vegetables and making my first ever pot of split pea soup with leftover ham and the ham bone from the Christmas dinner. (Thank you, Jennie.)

I soaked the peas while I was at work - so for about ten hours - but as I write this they are still hard little pellets in my beautifully fragrant broth that has been simmering for about two hours. It may be a long night, I guess. The right things better get mushy here, or dinner could be a bust.

Hope you've got something simmering on the stove and you're having more luck than I am on this crisp winter night. Cheers!


  1. Love the dyed top! Can't wait to see what it looks like all spun up.

  2. Thanks, Ash. I'm going to use what I spin in the weaving class that I'm planning on taking.


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