17 December 2012


The boy is away, so the girls will play. This weekend my husband went to play poker so my cousin Ashley came over and we settled in for a long weekend of knitting and movies with a nice bottle of wine to share. You just can't beat a Christmas tree with twinkle lights to keep you cheerful on an icy and dreary weekend.

I finished up one of the felted clutches that I've been working on from scrap yarn. The images above show before and after shots of this work in progress. I couldn't remember if some of the yarns that I knit with were "felt-able" but I got lucky there. It shrunk up nicely.

The socks above are knit from some of our hand-dyed CVM Romeldale yarn from Crosby Hill farm. This is a product of Ashley's imagination. You can find the pattern here. It's a fun, easy knit. I think she's calling this colorway Sugar Plums Dancing. It's in its beta phase, so it will be a little while before we get some product in our shop.  Maybe we'll find some time to work over the holidays.


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