09 December 2012

odds and ends

It's been a brilliant weekend. We stayed home. We caught up on sleep, did a little cleaning, watched a few movies and I spent a lot of time in my cozy little room under the eaves and watched the snow falling out the window.

I'm working on some Christmas presents. A couple of felted clutches using the odds and ends of yarn I've collected over the past eight years. I didn't know I had so many colors stashed in the corners of my closet.

It's going to look something like this when I'm finished.

I made this over four years ago and I love it. Besides my favorite knit cap, it's probably my most used knitted object.

I pulled on my dusty snow boots and stepped outside early this evening to snap some shots of the snow. This is the first significant snow we've had in Minnesota in over a year. It's really putting me in the holiday spirit.

We got our tree up last weekend. I love to see the lights twinkling through the window.

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