19 December 2012


Guess what my Christmas present was this year? You guessed right if you said a new camera. (Thanks Mom and Jenny for the graduation money.) I can't believe how hard I was working before just to get a clear picture. My new camera, which I have a lot to learn about, takes fast, sharp pictures. I'm in love.

My mom got back some yarn she had spun from her sheep. It's an ivory sock weight yarn that I couldn't wait to get in the dye pot--though it would be beautiful in the raw too.

Ashely and I dyed it this weekend on our girls day. I ran out of regular vinegar, so I had to use a dash of apple cider vinegar to set the color. Boy oh boy was that fresh. I soaked the fiber with some mild shampoo before I spun it out to get away the odor and now it smells like "herbal essence."

It's fun to knit with, too. I think the second image of my sock-in-process shows how its starting to get a green stripe. I don't know how it will turn out (this is all an experiment, you know) but I hope the pattern continues. You can find the pattern here. I modified my sock to just twist all the way around and left out the snazzy cables up the side. I've made them that way before, but with my distracted mind I needed the easier the better.

We've been making some pretty fun winter salads around here with mandarin oranges and purple radicchio. Hope you're finding some holiday cheer and spending time with loved ones.

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