01 March 2009

Snow Day

...snow falling. When you're a kid there's nothing better than looking out the window at dancing snowflakes, especially when you're at school. Perhaps it's early in the day, and you have the afternoon and the playground to look forward to with your pals. A foot of snow can turn a boring, everyday playground into a winter wonderland. A novelty of luxurious snowdrifts and angel nests.

If the snow is falling in earnest there's always the possibility of school shutting down early. First, the precarious bus ride home through tunnels of snow, then your arrival on your snow-covered steps. (The bootprints you leave behind as you tromp up your walk seem like the only sign of human habitation for blocks.) I finished these mittens on just such a snowy day. One of the perks about being a substitute teacher is being able to relive some of the most memorable experiences of my childhood. Unanticipated snow days were the best!

These mittens, titled Tiffany from Knitty.com, are perfect for playing in the snow. I knit mine out of Jamieson Double Knitting in colorways: rosewood, crimson, sunset and spice. Even the names of the colorways make me think of winter. Rosewood crackling on the fire, a crimson scarf, and rosy cheeks the color of sunset. Cinnamon and spice in the hot cocoa. I'm gifting these to my sister. Just like me, she sees all the endless possibilities of a snow day.

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