11 March 2009

Lamb Patrol

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Everyone is in a heightened state of expectation this week on the farm. We have lambs due in the middle of the month, and the ewes are behaving like pregnant females everywhere--they are ready to be done! We are ready for our new spring lambs. Lamb patrol consists of checking on the ewes every few hours to make sure no one's water has broken and no first time mother is delivering outside. (Check the bottom of the page to see what we woke up to this morning. Hint: below zero wind chills and yet more snow.) Other than checking, there's not much you can do for a pregnant ewe, least ways not a healthy one, who just needs time and mother nature to guide her along. The wait is the hard part for us humans.

Here's something I've been waiting to finish: Blackberry Wine spun up on a bobbin. I plan on Navajo plying it later on this evening. My first attempt at that technique, though I was lucky enough to have an experienced spinner teach me the skill last month at my Tuesday night knitting and spinning circle. I'll post the results, of course!

Snow & Wind

March has come in like a lion, but it will go out with a batch of new lambs on our farm.

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  1. Hey, looks like you guys sure got a lot of snow. we didnt get any here but it has been really cold and heard its supposed to warm up next week. Im excited. I love the Blackberry Wine all spun up its beautiful, im excited to see what you knit out of it. :)


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