24 March 2009


Spring must have finally happened around here. This morning I was sitting with a cup of coffee in the living room, staring off into space as I do most mornings, when I heard a strange but familiar sound from the innards of our chimney. A scrabble and a chatter and a lot of chirping: the birds are back from sunny Mexico. Some brave hen has set up living quarters on the other side of the stones and she's not a quiet tenant. This pattern is posted on Ravelry thanks to Dreya Davenport & Craftster.com. (It's free!) I made mine out of hand painted, hand spun merino top. P.S. I found the tiny nest abandoned in a fence row last fall. I keep it on my desk. Can you pick out all of the different materials the birds used to construct it?

I couldn't crack a single one of these eggs without taking a photo first. My family plans to build a chicken coop later this spring. Soon there will be fresh eggs a plenty at Tendril & Twine.


  1. I love the little knit bird. Its really cute! :)

  2. What a cute little chick! And those eggs are so pretty...


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