17 March 2009

A Fine Tangle

Blackberry Wine, hand spun romeldale

As promised, here's a preview of my first attempt at Navajo plying. The resulting three ply yarn is a bit lumpy and bumpy, but I find that I love the texture. When I started to ply it together (after first spinning my wheel the wrong direction and unraveling many maddening knots) I attempted to achieve some semblance of uniformity, but as you can see I have settled for a uniform disorder.
I love the textures and colors in this yarn. The warm blackberries and mulberries, the sage and barley tones. The yarn has a glossy finish, as well as a stretch and elasticity that makes romeldale fiber a joy to knit and crochet with.

My plans for this skein? Adrian over at Hello Yarn is doing some beautiful things with crochet. I just learned how to crochet, so maybe I'll attempt something in that milieu. Or else, I might knit up a pair of mittens.

Anything to keep this fiber under my fingertips.

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