02 January 2016

a new year

The new year is here and I'm slowly catching up to being a first-time mom. My husband goes back to work this week, so it's up to me and baby to fall into a daily rhythm for the rest of my maternity leave. My son is mainly calling the shots right now, but as he grows I hope to regain some of my crafting and dreaming time. Right now a majority of my daytime hours are spent trying to recapture the rest I lost tending to him during the night.

I am getting better at knitting while I nurse and I've also been catching up on a lot of reading with the new ereader that my husband got me for Christmas.

I've only got a few more inches on this sock before I cast on for the second. Drawing the yarn from both the outside and the inside of the skein is somewhat awkward on top of the fact that my arms are full while I'm working on it, but I'm making steady progress.

Happy New Year!


1 comment:

  1. I remember those days. With my first I used get dinner prepared early in the morning , so that if the day turned to custard, I could at least just rest and hold her, knowing I didn't have to stress over that. thank goodness for crockpots.
    Pretty yarn, reading was always my thing while i was nursing.


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