17 January 2016

books + inspiration

I'm currently reading a modern day re-imagining of Sense and Sensibility by Joanna Trollope. So far I think it's okay - not great. The original is my favorite book of all time, so those are some big shoes to fill. I've enjoyed Joanna Trollope's other books, but this one is lacking in her usual witty dialogue and humor - maybe she got psyched out by the subject? I know I would. I'm going to keep giving this book a chance, though, because I love the Dashwoods and Joanna Trollope.

As you can see, I'm working on the ribbing of my first sock. I can't wait to cast on the second one, I have a stretch of magenta yarn to start with so the stripes are really going to pop.

I've been online trolling for inspiration this weekend. I found some very pretty images of fiber and projects by others.

  1. Beautiful yarn dyed by Amanda and featured on her wonderful blog.
  2. Another project from Amanda. I love the stripes and the quilted project bag. Now I'm in the mood to make a shawl. This project - Germinate Shawl - looks challenging and beautiful. 
  3. This is benzngems version of the Great Divide shawl on ravelry. Simple and clean, but the color work is stunning. 

I've got to finish all of the projects I have started so that I can start some new ones!

Happy Weekend!

xo Jill


  1. I have to admit I have not read Sense and Sensibility - I should add it to my reading list for 2016. I am currently enjoying The Improbability of Love by Hannah Rothschild, a modern day art discovery and a host of interesting characters. I love Amanda's work too - so much inspiration for knitters and sewers alike. Gorgeous photo of your cat!!

    1. Yes! You should put it on your reading list. It's a great book!


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