19 January 2016

handspun baby

We've hit that January cold stretch that seems to come every year. Temperatures way below zero. I haven't set foot outside for a few days, not since the weekend grocery run. Baby and I have been snuggled in under wool and warm flannel, chattering to each other and watching the light change through the branches of the trees out the windows.

I just remembered this little vest the other day. It's almost too small - he's growing so fast. This is knit from some handspun that I've had for years. If I can remember correctly it's 100% merino wool. I double-plied it to get worsted weight yarn. There was enough of it for this project. Perfect colors for a little boy.

The blood oranges have been great this season. After our bout with the sniffles I made sure we stocked up on citrus. Pretty in pictures!

I'm going to cast on for another - bigger - one of these soon!

xo Jill


  1. Love that giggly looking shot of him. I have never tried a blood orange, I see them in the supermarket from the USA, but they don't smell fresh like normal ranges. One day maybe.

    1. Thank you, Julie! Blood oranges taste different than regular oranges too - I think they taste like a cross between an orange, a pomegranate and a cranberry. I didn't really like them either until a few years ago.

  2. Your vest is a beautiful knit! And such a beautiful model! Thank you so much for sharing the link with me. I will definitely have to knit a second after the first in a handspun variegated--you've inspired me. I love blood oranges myself, but I made the mistake of eating one a couple weeks ago and my baby had a horrible horrible string of days afterwards. I did it again and same reaction in him. No more delicious oranges for me for awhile. And of course now my craving for them is off the charts.

  3. What a happy boy! I love the scrunchy face!


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