22 February 2015

happy feet

The weekend has been filled with relaxing days spent riffling through my studio/office as I look for a new project to start now that my socks are finished. I had just enough yarn left over from the socks to make a square for the baby blanket that I've been working on for years.

Every time I let Bree out the back door she spins out like a Tasmanian devil and barks in all four directions. This barking usually abates after about thirty seconds. She was especially amusing this morning. I tiptoed onto the frigid back porch to open the door for her and she immediately sprung out and picked up one of her favorite throw toys and started barking. Of course she couldn't really bark with the toy in her mouth, but she wouldn't drop the toy. Funny and cute. I'm sure the neighbors were relieved.

I made my husband takes pictures of my new socks this morning and Bree had a lot to say about that too. Oh, the joy of having a sheltie.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.



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