08 February 2015

painted sky

It's strange how when I'm working on a certain project, I see the colors of that project in the world all around me. Hot pink is a fairly difficult color to pull out of the landscape in February, except for when the sky lights up over the rooftops at sunset.

G had to work this weekend, so I've had the house all to myself. I did some cleaning and then I dove into my knitting and yarn and played around in the kitchen. We got a waffle maker for Christmas from G's brother and we've been using that thing like mad. We discovered blueberry waffles a few weeks ago and it's become a Sunday morning thing. I freeze the leftovers to eat during the work week.

After a season of silence here on the blog, I find myself coming back alive. We had a pretty rough fall on the family-building side of things, but now we feel a renewed sense of hope as new doors - or is that a window?? - have opened up. As soon as hope started creeping into my life again, I felt my spirit lifting and my creative animal starting to stir.

Now I want my yarn and my paints and I want to make a mess in the kitchen all in the name of blueberry waffles and I want to take goofy pictures of the dog - if only she would sit still.

I read a good book this weekend: "First Frost" by Sara Addison Allen. I started it on Friday and finished it on Sunday morning. It's a sequel to her first novel and I really enjoyed following up with her characters a few years down the road.



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  1. Jill, I missed this blog when it first went live... It is full of beautiful images...


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