01 March 2015

just golden

My impulse is always to try to cram a week into a weekend. Do you know what I mean? A week of knitting, crafting, cooking and relaxing. For me it's all about recharging my creative well so that I can get through the work week at the office.

I'm traveling this week, so it's going to be a long one.

But enough about that, I've been staying up late these last few nights, drinking herbal tea and either knitting or reading. I feel like a school kid. The little golden sweater above is my latest obsession. I love the cables and the garter stitch edges. This is a new pattern for me. I had to tear it out four times before I finally got my stitch count right and was able to get the cable pattern in place. I'd forgotten how stressful a new knitting pattern can be. I've been sticking with my tried and true "old friends" - patterns that I've knit a dozen times at least, but it does feel good to try something new.

I'm currently reading this book for my book club. It's really engaging and I'm learning a lot about fossils. 

More knitting to come.




  1. oh, your golden sunnyside is lovely! I love this pattern, it's the perfect baby sweater cardigan, I think. You'll get the hang of it soon! It gets so much easier each time.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Julie!


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