19 February 2015

post valentines

Post Valentine's weekend and it's been a busy week around here. The sub ((sub)) zero weather has kept me tucked in tight either at the office or at home. Over the weekend I made a wonderful pho soup that warmed us up through and through. I started with a bone broth base that I simmered for over twenty-four hours, then I added the fresh veggies, herbs and rice pasta. Recipes can be found here and here.

I love a big bowl of fragrant noodles.

The orange roses have kept me cheerful all week. My orchids finally dropped all of their blossoms, so it's nice to see a friendly (blossoming) face. We're gearing up toward the weekend. Hot on our list is filing our taxes and snuggling in for another chilly stretch of February nights. I'm reading a good book right now:  Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald. The 1920's settings in New York, Paris and St. Paul, MN have got me enthralled.

I got the fabric samples from my work. I'm not sure if I can sew them into anything, all of the pieces have different tensions and weaves and I'm not sure how the finish piece would lay out, but I'm going to give something a try. Maybe a dog bed for our puppy? I love the colors. 

Friday tomorrow! Hang in there, everyone.



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