20 July 2013


Last night we discovered that we've been sharing our backyard with a family of cardinals. Their nest is in the young maple tree that we planted two years ago. There's a mama, a papa and three young cardinals darting from tree to tree chirping at each other.

I know that I've caught sight of the male cardinal flying across the yard, but I never imaged that they'd be setting up house so close to our own. It's nice to know we have such beautiful neighbors. They like us, but they definitely don't like the cat. Whenever we let Chewy out into the backyard they hurl angry chirps down at her, all the while Chewy merely saunters about, choosing to ignore the angry riot above.

Deviled eggs. I've been craving them lately. My recipe calls for fresh dill, green onions, herbed goat cheese and mayo. Fresh and creamy. A perfect summer snack.

I'm still cultivating my papaya coneflowers as you can see. For some reason the blossoms I bring into the house turn yellow in the center and the ones I leave out in the garden deepen into a dark red. Maybe the cooler air in the house has an effect on the color that develops.  Hmmmm, I will continue observations.

Another weekend, everyone. Enjoy!

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