28 July 2013

anything goes

Certain knitting projects sometimes seem to advance so slowly that one has the perception that the project is unraveling backward - instead of being knit forward. Ever had one of those days where it seems like all of your progress is in the negative, instead of the positive?

We all have I'm sure . . .

Ahem, but the knitting proves we have moved forward, even if it is a slow and tedious advance of but a few steps or stitches. Anything goes around here these days. Backwards, sideways, crooked and wobbly, sometimes - miraculously - forward.

We've had a few guests, been reading a few books and have been visiting other people's gardens. I always look at other people's gardens and think "oh, you did it that way, and look how well it works" or "you've just left the weeds and look how beautiful it is."

Growth is a good thing - in any direction!

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