17 July 2013

berry days

The sharing of squash has begun, so I consider this week the start of the dog days of summer. Soon the beans will be curling on the vine and the tomatoes will shift from green to orange to fire engine red. We've been hot here, I'll hazard to guess that it's hot where you are too. Dog days.

All of my summer dresses have been getting a work out this week, and it still feels good to have the sun heat up my shoulders, so I'm not complaining yet. I can still remember the long winter we just lived through. If the heat holds and the garden starts to wilt, then I may complain a bit, but not much.

It happens every year.

We've been grilling and berry picking and I've been knitting. The lace is getting longer on my shawl. I can't wait to block it and see how the pattern reads.

Stay cool everyone.

1 comment:

  1. The berry bowl looks mouth watering - I'd love to have a bowl right now as I sit down and relax after a hot day (still 87 degrees out). Instead I'll have to settle for a grape popsicle -


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