05 July 2013

book of days

For the first time yesterday, Garrett and I took a holiday for ourselves. We usually love to spend special days like the 4th, Labor and Memorial day with family and friends, but this year we flew under the radar and had a quiet picnic in the park.

We learned this past December that there's a very real chance that Garrett will be deployed in June 2014 and I can't help but think about that fact on a days like yesterday. I think to myself: "He will not be here next year at this time." So I'm trying to store up a well of really good memories to sustain me while he's gone. We're hoping for so many things to fall into place these next eleven months. Its very hard to have a husband leave for a year when you're both in your thirties and hoping to start a family. The stress is starting to creep in. I have good days and bad days.

And so . . . deep breath. I will focus on how yesterday was a beautiful day.

The breeze was warm, the shadows danced and the grass was green and fragrant. We laid on our blanket for over three hours, reading, chatting, eating and napping. I've started a new project. I've had this yarn for over five years. It used to be a half-knit shawl until I tore it out last week. The little illustration above is from a card I made Garrett a few years ago. I found our old correspondence and have is strewn across my work space. Sometimes I'm amazed by what I've created and written.

In hindsight, I can on occasion be wise. Why do we never realize this in the present? Words to ponder.

Have a lovely holiday, everyone.

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