13 July 2013


Metamorphosis. The power of change. I know I've commented before about how my garden teaches me about transformation and change. The images above of the coneflower were taken over the course of a day and a half. The blossom literally transformed itself.

An observer, inexperienced in the ways of a papaya coneflower, would have never been able to guess that what was present sixteen hours before the gorgeous orange blossom above could ever become such a graceful, vibrant organism. I'm always surprised. Every year, I'm just happy when I see the orange petals array themselves, but then they start to swoop back and the flower becomes a graceful orange dancer - and I'm their biggest fan.

My coneflower is loaded with blossoms this year, so I'll get to see this again and again.

Speaking of change, as usual I changed my mind about what to use my "golden fields" yarn for. As you can see, it's not on the loom. It's on the needles. This lace shawl is call The Lonely Tree shawl. It's a fast knit and the finishing touches make it interesting and unique. Thank you Softsweater! 

I felt like this colorway needed to be worked into something with a botanical theme, given its rich earth toned hues.
Happy weekend, everyone.

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