04 March 2013

welcome little one

There were pink candles on the proud papa's birthday cake last night - though his birthday is really today. (Happy Birthday, Nick!) We celebrated it last night because of the expected winter weather here in Minnesota.

I think he should get used to pink candles though, and socks, and walls, and just about everything - with two little girls. My sister and new niece - Brooke Lynn - are home safe and sound with their family - as snow circles around the eaves of their house this 4th day of March 2013.

Now they have two little girls: a Hannah Marie and a Brooke Lynn . . . reminds me of two little girls who played together decades ago a Jennifer Lynn and a Jill Marie. I'm sure my sister planned the names, though it only dawned on me last night as we were driving home the significance and the symmetry.

Here is a painting of my mom's that hangs of my grandma and grandpa's wall of two such sisters playing with some puppies when they were little girls.

Congratulations, Jennifer Lynn. 


Jill Marie

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  1. Happy, happy day! A new baby girl, how precious she is! Congratulations, Jennifer!


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