31 March 2013

family + friends

Who would have thought Easter Sunday would be filled with so many hand-knits? (Well, I could have believed it, but I don't think most of my family would have guessed they'd get so involved with some wool this holiday. I suppose it does make a difference if said knitted objects just happen to be wrapped around one totally adorable one-month old infant. Little Brooke was passed from loving arms to loving arms this afternoon, and she barely made a peep.

Speaking of Peeps, don't you just love the cake above? It's a creation of my cousin, Gretchen. She said she found the idea and instructions on Pinterest - so have at it. I love the little nesting birds on top of the cake. The grass is made out of coconut and green food coloring - tasted great.

The patterns for little Brooke's sweater and bonnet can be found here and here. (You have to be on Ravelry to access these patterns.) For the bonnet I followed the instructions, and then as my images and posts over the last week show, sewed the two pieces of ribbon together and then sewed the ribbon to the bonnet with my sewing machine. It took some wishes and gentle cursing but it all came out right in the end.

Well, it's been a lovely day, filled with family and friends. Today might be the first and last day Brooke ever wears my yellow bonnet, but it was totally worth it!


  1. Brooke will always be snuggly and cozy - not only from the warmth of wool but all the creative people who love her.

  2. Such sweet words, Julie :) Everything looked amazingly festive for the weekend. And the little knitted items were beyond precious, Jill! She will cherish those items forever!


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