07 March 2013

snow days

Snow days call for batches of soup and quick knitting projects that can be finished before the snow emergency is called off. Even though I had to work this week, I've spent the evenings working on projects and cooking, so it seems like I've had more time this week than in previous weeks.

Maybe it's because the sun is staying up longer. Extended hours of daylight are always a positive for my mental and emotional state. If I can get home when the sun is still shining and snap some photos in the light of day, well then I don't feel that my day job is taking over my life.

I looked out the window the other night and it seemed as if the neighborhood west of us was on fire - a very beautiful moody fire that lit up the rooftops. The fresh snow on the tree branches made it one of the prettiest sunsets I've experienced in this neighborhood. I was on the phone with my mom at the time and when I saw it and I had to hang up, snatch my camera, pull on my boots and trip out to the sidewalk to get a picture. We often see pink, but not such a fiery yellow. I've always admired the yellow door on the neighbor's garage across the street and I think the sunset really sets it off.

Tomorrow is my last day of work at my current office and next Monday will be my first day of work at my new office. Lots of changes around here. I'm leaving a lot of great people at my old job and I hope I can make new connections where I'm moving - and also keep in touch with old friends, of course. I'm also hoping to find a better balance between work and family so that I can find the time to work on the creative projects I hold very close to my heart.

It feels like I'm finally coming back to myself after four years of grueling (seemed like to me) graduate school work, job hunting, husband hunting (and bagging I might add) and now I'm rediscovering all of these old loves that are still there - but a little different after a stretch of time and some space. I'm really thankful and hopeful. 

Hope you all have some creative snow days in your life to bake/make/relax or do whatever you love doing.

P.S. The mitts above were knit from the last bits of my Valentine's yarn - I've really grown quite attached to it - alas I'm giving everything I made from it away. (I'll have to make more.)


  1. I can see now why you left me dangling on the phone the other night. Beautiful sunset...

  2. Beyond gorgeous! You got your sunset :) And it was beautiful! I rarely get to see proper sunsets here, due to the kiddos schedules and the fact that the buildings and homes and hills where we live really don't allow for open sky shots! I'm so glad we get to see what you're doing with your spectacular Valentine yarn!

    1. Thanks, Julia. You know, seeing a proper sunset is really hard around here too. There aren't any proper vistas when you're grid-locked in the city - just like you described. It makes me long for the farm or Lake Superior.


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