30 March 2013

a good egg

Garrett and I have known each other for over four years now, but we've never dyed Easter eggs together before. I think in years past we've just been too busy, also two of the four he's been out of state for some training for the Army, but this year we were together.

This afternoon we dumped out a pack of crayons and it was like we were two kids scribbling silly pictures and patterns - or then we would get quiet and serious and really try to "decorate a good egg." I don't know how we're going to eat a dozen hard boiled eggs, but it was sure fun making them.

The mitts are coming along. I've almost have one finished and I'm jotting down notes as I go, so I'll post the modifications to my Ravelry account when I get them just right.

We've been making quite a few smoothies around here with frozen raspberries from last summer's garden. Are you like us - do you hoard all of your good frozen produce until spring thaw when psychologically you finally believe "yes, we will have raspberries in the garden again this year?" We're that way. The snow is melting more and more over the garden. I should get out there and poke around and see if I can find anything green.

The bonnet is finally finished. I'm going to give it to Brooke tomorrow and hopefully snap some photos to share.

Blessed Easter, everyone. 


  1. Oh! How fun! I love that you guys decorated the eggs with crayons. Such a good idea! Maybe next year I can venture out and do eggs with William. He's a boys boy--destructive to the utter end. I can't wait to see the bonnet!


    1. Thank you! I always forget how much fun it is to color eggs.


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