21 February 2009

Saturday Morning

This morning was clear and cold. A beautiful morning to take some pictures in the backyard and surrounding areas. I'm making progress on my Tiffany mittens. One down, one to go. Our dog, Jackson, followed me around as I snapped these photos. There was a cold wind, so I was more than a little bit windblown and chilled when I finally dashed inside.

Here's a pair of Saartje's Booties that didn't give me any problems. They were originally canary yellow (my own handspun), but I decided to dye them a lovely spring green. I'm going to gift them to a friend who's having a baby. I like the contrast they make against the tiny red berries and frosty bud blossoms on this bush. I wandered back behind the shed looking for a better photo amongst the winter-bleached tall grass, but the wind was too vicious. It tossed the booties about. No matter where I tried to peg them my photos came out blurry.
I must have made a funny sight in pajama bottoms and boots. I turned around and found I had a silent audience. From left to right that's Hops, Willoughby, and Dutch--our two rams and wethering. They were so funny standing there in a row like that, their heads cocked at the same angle. I tried to sneak closer for a better shot, but they scattered like skittish lambs.

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