19 February 2009

Fits and Starts

These past few days my knitting has been progressing in fits and starts, counting mishaps, and sagging gauge. (I'm sure many of you will be able to emphasize with me.) I'm excited to start some new projects. The one above comes from last year's Interweave Knits Holiday special issue. I've never done cables on a sock. My fingers are itching to get started.

Next, I have some handspun (from Hello Yarn's Burning Bush hand painted corriedale top) that's been sitting in my stash for over six months. Not because I'd forgotten about it, on the contrary, I was just looking for the perfect project. Saarjte's booties have been floating around the web for awhile. They really shine in handspun, so I thought I'd give them a try with this yarn. Right now my counting is off. The picture shows some progress, but I'm going to have to rip that out and start over. Seems I've been reading the pattern wrong.

Vertigo is another project that has me just about ready to tear my hair out. Not because it's a difficult knit, the pattern is beautiful and simple, but because I knit it too loose the first time. My yarn choice has started to sag, as a result my hat sometimes impairs my vision. I've decided to redo it as well. I like the colors too much to let it linger on in its saggy half life. Hope to have something to show you soon.

Minnesota is currently experiencing ANOTHER cold front. Temps are dipping below zero in the mornings, so I will be needing (another) warm hat. Catch you later!

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