29 March 2015

rainy days

It's gray and rainy today - but that's a lot better than wind and snow.  I was out poking around in my garden, but all of my perennial beds are still quiet. I expect I'll see some green buds poking through the soil in the upcoming weeks. We have to devise some sort of barrier to keep Bree out of our garden beds until the plants have been able to assert themselves. She didn't do much damage to the garden last year, but we adopted her in June and everything for the most part was established.

We got a bunch of bulbs from my husband's cousin last fall and I can't wait to see how they do. We planted them in such a rush, that I can't really remember what we planted where. It should be a surprising spring.

Socks on the knitting needles again. I've made this pattern three or four times. Easy and fun. I have a backlog of knitting projects that are "waiting in the wings" that I want to make this spring. I think that's how all we knitters are though - the next project is usually started before the current is cast off the needles. Never a dull moment.

What's cooking? I'm making another batch of beef bone broth this weekend. I'm going to make Pho soup later this week and the other dish is a new recipe that I started making this winter: chicken tartiflette. It's so good!

Jillian xoxo

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  1. I think quilters are the same with starting and finishing projects. Autumn has well and truly arrived here now, still lovely warm days, but boy are those mornings dark and chilly. Looking forward to seeing what spring bulbs appear in your garden. Happy Easter to you and your family.


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